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Credit Card Merchant Accounts Audited Savings

Our Credit Card Audit focuses solely on expense reduction within the payments industry. Our expertise and experience coupled with our through expense reduction process, ensures a competitive advantage over other firms advertising similar services. Sample Audit Report 

Our Credit Card two-phase approach to expense reduction is unparalleled in the payments industry.  We correct the processing plan to reflect the most competitive plan type and rate, using formulated, specific asks of the existing provider.  Our team then works with the client to further reduce the non-negotiable fees through processing optimization, where we can help qualify payment transactions at lower interchange rates by passing through additional processing data.


Merchants Realize an Average Savings of 21% on Processing Fees

Payment Processing Expense Reduction

Continue using your existing merchant service provider

We work directly with the provider, on your behalf

Our two phase approach maximizes savings opportunity:

Phase I – we ‘right-size’ the account plan, placing the merchant on the correct plan type with the most competitive plan rate. Savings are immediately realized moving forward.

Phase II – we implement ‘processing optimization’ where we help the merchant correct future transactions to avoid downgrades and satisfy Level 2/3 processing requirements.

Our network of merchant services providers is immediately available should a merchant choose to obtain or switch processing services

Stryde is a Partner Provider for the two largest payment gateways, and PayPal, offering wholesale pricing to merchants

Our team has the experience and expertise to recommend payment processing improvements, including:

Back-office accounting integration

E-commerce solutions

Card Present terminal and POS equipment

Payment gateway configuration and support

Sample Audit Report