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Freight and Shipping Audited Savings

Freight and Shipping Audited Expense Reduction

Through our Freight Audit service, clients can expect to see up to 3% hard dollar savings in the form of refunds from their carrier. In addition, our clients average an additional 7% savings through the use of our reporting tools and cost saving optimization analytics. We bill clients monthly based solely on a percentage of the refunds the client receives. 

Service Overview

Our Freight Vendor Cost Audit allows you to earn residual income on this freight vendor parcel refund recovery audit. Using proprietary audit software, we download the invoices from vendors each weeks and secure the refunds due to clients. The service is risk free!

Targeted Industries

We service any company that ships packages within the continental U.S.

Charges & Agreement

The only charge for this service is a percentage of the refunds a client receives. Nothing changes about the way a client ships packages and the agreement terms are month to month.